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We're in business to build a bright and inclusive future.

IN|CEPTION is an innovation agency driven by the conviction that business should be a force for good. Sustainability is not only a moral imperative; it’s the greatest entrepreneurial opportunity of our time.

Being known as award-winning sustainability trailblazers, we‘re passionate about working with purpose-driven individuals, corporates, investors and not-for-profit organizations wishing to extend their vision and bend our future in the right direction - and in doing so, achieve better business results.

Inspiring creativity, creating business value and striving for sustainable development aren’t mutually exclusive. Digital innovation and sustainability should go hand in hand to create exciting new opportunities. Our firm is compiling a diverse and expanding portfolio of work across a wide range of project types including sustainability & innovation consultancy, financial advisory, product development, company building, brand development, marketing and communications.

We focus on industries that can make huge positive impact: fashion & lifestyle, food, energy & mobility, finance, not-for-profit organizations as well as state institutions.


Strategic Leadership

We catalyze and support business leadership on sustainability. Through inspiring strategy keynotes and leadership seminars we help individuals and organizations discover their authentic role, purpose and value in society, define ambitious goals and make strong plans.

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We bring together all the ingredients to build and grow new businesses for a better world. We connect our clients with the best experts from science, business and public, and we identify groundbreaking technology solutions and startups directly in the Israeli high tech ecosystem and at other global innovation hubs. 


We teach and educate our client's teams on all relevant methods for successful transformation - sustainability, digital capabilities, customer-centered product and service design, circularity, lean development and much more. 


Sharing expertise and inspirations helps organizations to understand where they are and think about the way they are going. We have a wealth of insights, knowledge and thoughtful reflections to share as keynote speakers at conferences and events to inspire audiences and business leaders.


We deliver high-value insights and facts to help executives understand sustainability issues, engage with stakeholders and make better decisions. We also provide hands-on support to organizations to integrate sustainability processes and practices within their operations, plan and implement projects for improved social and environmental footprint, develop circular business models, define and track the right indicators, revitalize culture, and enable sustainability-driven innovation.

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Brand Strategy & Communications

We build brands that are symbols of positive change. Brands that advocate for an issue people really care about. Moreover, we create inspiring stories, communications and campaigns to connect with people and cause them to think, question, challenge and drive action.

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Finance plays a decisive role to accelerate sustainable development. We guide investors to integrate social and environmental goals into investment decision making, provide due diligence, structuring and management for sustainable investments, and help CFOs create the right financial and risk management framework to back corporate sustainability efforts. 

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IN|CEPTION is a small elite team of entrepreneurs, thought leaders and award-winning domain experts united by the belief that meanigful innovation and values-based entrepreneurship is the most powerful way to create a bright and sustainable future.

We are innovators and entrepreneurs through and through. We catalyze growth through innovation and strive for positive social and environmental impact of businesses. We re-invent companies, develop new products and value streams, and build high-potential ventures. We don't stop at just consultancy - we design, create, build and implement.

We are driven by passion and curiosity. We embrace and love change. In the digital age, our world changes every day. We help other companies to position themselves in this revolution, and we actively shape our future in the right direction through advocacy and own initiatives.

We have a systemic and holistic understanding of what we do. Purpose, culture, sustainability, innovation, branding and finance should go hand in hand. They feed and support each other in a powerful virtuous cycle and affect every aspect of an organization. We blend in-depth reasearch and analytics with creativity and a sense of  societal vibes that have the potential to become decicive powers of the future.

Recent work examples comprise globalization strategy, sustainability strategy, organizational and cultural change, guidance of investment processes, e-Mobility infrastructure development, branding, websites and communications for blue chip companies such as E.ON and MunichRE as well as a number of medium-sized enterprises. Moreover, we provided fundraising and business development support to various startups. 


Thought leadership

Paradigm-changing leadership development and advocacy


Creating and building breakthrough products, ventures and initiatives


Defining, implementing and communicating the most meaningful sustainability practices


Revitalizing culture to unleash the full potential of people


Using design methods to translate ideas into tangible solutions

Brand strategy

Creating inspiring brands, campaigns and communications that move people


Implementing the right organizational framework to enable innovation and sustainability

Finance & Risk

Financial advisory, investment solutions and risk mitigation


Ana Boshnyakova

Creative thinker with passion for innovative business and technological solutions. Holding a degree in International Project Management, with steady interest in agile and design methodologies, Ana has a track record of holding positions like Critical Projects Manager, Country manager, Co-founder of international businesses of various size and culture, gaining cross-industry experience in IT, renewable energies, media, consultancy and even cryptocurrency. 

Managing partner of IN|CEPTION, Ana is focused on strategies for developing user-centered products and services with meaning. Applying system and design thinking into our clients’ projects, she imagines a brand new perspectives of the future of business - where innovation and purpose are one word. 



Dr. Michael Kelm

Visionary thinker, creative, maker and award-winning sustainability pioneer.

Michael develops businesses and brands that pave the way for an inclusive sustainable future. He brings innovations to life through creativity, deep understanding of markets and technology, and hands-on implementation. He relies on almost 20 years of high-level experience in various industries auch as energy, clean technologies, finance, food and fashion as well as consulting and teaching at university.

As founder and Managing Director of IN|CEPTION, Michael leads our clients through the entire journey of sustainable business transformation - from developing a clear vision, purpose and strategy through to creating and implementing the right measures and new value streams. He is also a sought-after speaker, and leads inspiring workshops.


Ideality Roads

Innovation consultants deeply rooted in the Israeli High-Tech ecosystem

REA Consult

Management and consulting for sustainable investments

Sustainability Advisory

International network of sustainability specialists

Sutton Stone

U.S. based blockchain experts and venture builder

Alexandra Glissmann

Business Management Partner

Tasniem S. Jawaid

Global business development, energy sector expert

Dr. René Lindloh

Banking, Treasury & Risk Management

Martinus Scherweit

Renewable energy expert

Thomas Süssenbach

Renewable energy expert

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