Sustainable Finance

Investing in our future

Sustainability will soon become an essential paradigm in the real economy as well as in the financial sector. The financial sector plays a key role in the reallocation of capital in line with 2°C-climate goals.

We support investors, asset managers, banks, financial institutions and policymakers to develop instruments which integrate environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria into business and investment frameworks. Moreover, we provide consulting and corporate finance services for sustainable investments.


Banks and financial institutions

ESG is an investment approach which integrates environmental, social and governance criteria in investment and business decisions. Goals are risk mitigation, long term financial return and helping to reallocate capital in the right direction to catalyze a sustainable future.

Countless studies have proven that ESG investments outperform traditional forms of investment. Sustainable development and financial return go hand in hand. 

We support banks and financial institutions to set up a framework and criteria for ESG integration and to build sustainability teams. We also provide second opinion on green bonds and due diligence for investment targets.

Not lastly, we connect banks and financial institutions with the best FinTech startups, develop digital banking solutions, revitalize culture and agility, and re-invent branding and communication. 



in|ception supports policymakers and governments to align policy and finances with sustainable development, and to develop strategic approaches for a low-carbon climate-resilient economy.


Private investors and family offices

We share our knowledge on sustainable investments and green finance, provide workshops and seminars, identify investment opportunities with purpose and meaning, and set up meaningful initiatives and platforms to spread the word and gather like-minded investors. 


Investment firms and asset managers

Investment firms, asset managers, project developers, IPP and utilities rely on our consulting and corporate finance services in the field of sustainable investments, especially renewable & clean energy, infrastructure, innovative technology companies and startups. 


♦  Identification of investment opportunities
♦  Strategic advisory on deployment of investment portfolios
♦  Transaction advisory and management of transaction processes
♦  Set-up and steering of a PMO
♦  Risk management
♦  Strategy advisory, contract and claim management
♦  Monitoring and reporting for financial performance of investment portfolios
♦  Governance and diligence in support of financial closing
♦  Investor relationship towards financiers and other stakeholders

Corporate Finance

♦  Optimization and cost saving strategies for asset acquisition and asset management departments
♦  M&A process set-up (private and competitive)
♦  PMI strategy and implementation programs
♦  CSR strategy and management tools
♦  Strategic financial structuring and verticalization 
♦  International business development and representation
♦  Steering Committee / Advisory Board member for innovative investments.