Leading sustainable finance

Finance plays a decisive role to accelerate sustainable development. We guide investors to integrate social and environmental goals into investment decision making, provide due diligence, structuring and management for sustainable investments, and help CFOs create the right financial and risk management framework to back corporate sustainability efforts.

Countless studies have proven that investments that integrate environmental and social goals (ESG) outperform traditional forms of investment. The same holds for corporate sustainability investments that reduce resource use, improve stakeholder relationships and culture, introduce sustainable products, and strengthen brand equity and customer perception. Sustainable development and financial return go hand in hand. 

We support banks, financial institutions, private equity, VC and family offices to set up an ambitious framework and criteria for ESG integration and build sustainability teams. We also provide second opinion on green bonds as well as due diligence, structuring and management for sustainable investments. Our outstanding expertise in assessment and evaluation of social, environmental and business criteria in combination with long term industry experience in the renewable energies and infrastructure sector provides an unmatched knowledge base.

Corporates benefit from our support in financial planning and management of sustainability-related issues. We help to assess and mitigate risks, set up financial strategies and framework to enable activities that provide financial return alongside positive social and environmental impact, direct corporate financial activities, lead budget and strategic planning processes, implement monitoring and reporting procedures, translate non-financial information into financial figures, prepare board materials, and liaise with current and prospective investors and stakeholders.