Business Innovation

Enabling change

The speed of change has never been faster. Emerging technologies, changing customer expectations, millennial disruption and digital are changing markets at any time. Moreover, there is no alternative to sustainable development, and companies are increasingly asked to respond to broader societal challenges.

Smart companies embrace both digital transformation and sustainability, and treat sustainability as innovation's new frontier.

We take our clients out of the comfort zone and enable them to lead the change.

We prefer big ideas over incremental progress. Both digitalization and sustainability require a holistic approach that pervades all levels of the organization. We have the holistic and systemic understanding, and we provide the required knowledge and tools to achieve the most profitable and sustainable outcomes for our clients.

Identity & Vision
Developing a clear identity of the company, revitalizing core values, creating a powerful vision for the future based on sustainability as the constant thread.

Translating the vision into corporate strategy and ensuring implementation.

Getting the branding right - creating a compelling brand story.

Culture & Organization
Implementing cultural and organizational change deep within a company to become a purpose-driven, agile and transparent organization.

Developing visionary stories, campaigns and exciting communication formats.

Initiatives & Partnerships
Building initiatives and partnerships with the wider community to share value and engage your people.

Teaching, coaching and sharing knowledge to enable innovation from inside your organization.

Innovation management

♦ Building the framework and governance of innovation management within an organization.

♦ M&A: Investments and strategic acquisitions.

♦ Implementing a steady “product factory”:

- Incremental innovation from inside the organization: own R&D, own ideas.
- Disruptive innovation from distance: outsourced R&D, agile innovation teams hosted and supported in external innovation centers, cooperations with accelerators, venture building, scouting for technologies and startups.

♦ Business development, marketing and scaling of proven products.

We know what works and what doesn’t work.

Following an open innovation approach, we focus on acceleration of our client's internal innovation capabilities, enriched by our deep knowledge, research and access to emerging technologies.

Moreover, in|ception can act as outsourced innovation unit for our clients, providing fresh creative ideas, product development, project and program management, venture building, scouting for emerging technologies and the best startups, building partnerships with external innovation centers and accelerators, and guiding M&A processes.