Brand Strategy & Communications

Creating brands that move

We build brands that are symbols of positive change. Brands that advocate for an issue people really care about. Moreover, we create inspiring stories, communications and campaigns to connect with people and cause them to think, question, challenge and drive action.

We embrace the paradigm shift from commercial goods to cultural values. Recent surveys revealed that the vast majority of consumers believe companies have an obligation to authentically stand up for issues far outside their operational footprints – from immigration to climate change and social justice issues. They said they’d purchase a product because that company advocated for an issue they cared about.

We believe that organizations must find, live, and tell their purpose in order to thrive. Those that do will motivate action, unleash the potential of their people, secure loyalty of customers and achieve better business results.

However, people won't drive action or change their habits because of facts or numbers. Through inspiring stories, campaigns and artwork we have to trigger the imagination of a new world - that's the way to activate people and make them build loyalty for a brand that serves as a moral compass. We create inspiring marketing concepts and communications to engage people and bring everything to life.