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in-ception.com GmbH
Dr. Michael Kelm
Schauenburgerstr. 116
24118 Kiel

Telephone: +49 431 9088 2982
E-Mail: info(at)in-ception.com

Authorised representatives and managing directors:
Mr. Dr. Michael Kelm

Company registration details

Registered at Kiel district court
HRB 18041 KI

Tax number in accordance with Article 27a of the German VAT Act (UstG): 20/299/08906

VAT ID: DE 308 696 988

Design, layout and technical implementation, CMS and front-end

New Communication GmbH & Co. KG
Werbe- und Marketingagentur

J├Ągersberg 23
24103 Kiel

E-Mail: hello(at)new-communication.de
Website: new-communication.de


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