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in-ception.com provides innovative and courageous consultancy and project development services in the fields of renewable energies, cleantech, and digital innovation.

As a company builder, we also develop and realize high-potential ventures on behalf of founders, young companies, as well as established industries.

We create value by combining high-level experience, innovative methods and deep expertise, the most worthwhile inspirations from all around the globe, and the conviction that entrepreneurship and innovation can lead to economic growth and sustainable development.

Every idea is born to bring global value. We help it get there.


Renewable Energies Advisory

National energy policy is meant to provide long-term, stable guidelines but its implementation is often exposed to changing legislation. This situation can be observed across the globe. One example in Europe is the recently passed EEG 2017, which has brought significant changes to the German renewables sector. The auction system that has been introduced is proving challenging for some organisations whilst other companies, that have the financial capacity and ability to adapt, are benefitting from the opportunity to invest in new projects.

Our team at in-ception.com has the competence to determine for you what projects are of investment grade quality with respect to existing, new and proposed market conditions. We will select projects to suit both your investment strategy and the investment environment enabling us to reliably steer your project development process to achieve commercially successful results. Of course, in-ception.com also has the expertise and the breadth to help you deliver more value from your renewables project around the world.

New Market Entry

We guide you on the journey to realize growth

We have established, led and operated successful businesses in numerous countries in Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and the Americas. When entering new markets, you shouldn't explore the rocky road alone. We navigate you through the entire journey.

Our highly experienced team provides deep market insights, a global network of business partners, and a pragmatic approach to doing business in new markets. Our services include market and framework analysis, development of strategies and business models, creating and managing strategic relationships with key partners, building Joint-Ventures and consortiums, and development of project pipelines.

Strategy & Innovation

Enabling transformation

We enable companies from all sectors to develop and implement innovative strategies that will help (re)invent their business and reach leadership positions in their sector.

We know the dynamics with which business needs to change - and strategy needs to swift to be on top of the wave at all times. Strategy is the core - through our pioneering spirit and hands-on approach we're as flexible and dynamic as your company must act in the rapidly changing business environment of your industry.

We link strategy with implementation - ensuring the realization of value from your vision: new products and (digital) services, new business models, creating innovation ecosystems within your company, new market entry, development of start-ups and ventures.

Start-up Development

We think, we build, we grow;
We teach, we play, we take pride.

We collaborate with start-ups to identify the most attractive opportunities, and by applying our senior management expertise we offer valuable guidance and strategic advice to young teams. We don’t stop with only consulting, we work hard together to ensure the long-term success of fledgling businesses. We formulate, model and craft your business, value proposition, and even your culture, and we help you build the right team for your idea. We provide financial and legal advise, and we will get you ready for effective fundraising.

Our door is open to companies of any size, age and industry. No matter if you are just “me and my idea”, or you have already built a mature business and are considering introducing new profit streams to it, or you represent a state institution seeking a dynamic innovative approach to problems, we will give you a helping hand.

Companies we work with

Renewable Energies
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About us

in-ception.com is an innovative buisiness developer and consultancy company for renewable energy projects, high-potential ventures, and for the transformation of companies aspiring to innovation leadership in their sector.

The company was launched in September 2016 by Dr. Michael Kelm, Martinus Scherweit and Thomas Süssenbach. Collectively we rely on an impressive track record across more than 60 years of high-level experience in international wind energy markets, consultancy, and business development.

We do things differently to the benefit of the companies we work with. We are committed to creating value, accelerating growth, and guiding our customers through the entire process from ideation and strategy development to realization of new business areas, new projects, ventures, and innovations. Whether you’re looking to grow, need to (re)invent your business, look for new projects, want to build innovative ventures, or expand to new markets, we're a partner who understands the key drivers of your industry as well as global market developments.

We partner with a network of highly experienced professionals to offer our customers a one-stop-shop process that can be tailored to cover all the particular business requirements of your individual project.

Our core team

Dr. Michael Kelm

Dr. Michael Kelm

Founder & Managing Director

Michael has worked for more than 15 years at the intersection between global business development, innovation, research, consulting, and hands-on realization of projects. During his tenure in the renewables industry and research institutes, he has opened doors for new business areas, innovative energy technologies, new market strategies, and groundbreaking programs for knowledge transfer from academia to industries and public institutions.


+49 431 9088 2982

Thomas Süßenbach

Thomas Süßenbach

Founder & Managing Director

Thomas commenced working in the international consulting business in 1998. Since then, he has provided solutions to natural resources management in Australia and completed project management for over 1,000 MW of wind farm developments in Africa, Europe and in the USA. In 2009 he established and consecutively ran, as General Director, the Ukrainian subsidiary of a major German wind farm developer. He was also responsible for the delivery of strategic wind projects planning for a Swedish-German joint venture for which he was Managing Director until 2016.


+49 431 9088 2981

Martinus Scherweit

Martinus Scherweit


Martinus has been contributing to the growth of the renewable energy sector for more than 25 years. In the early 90’s, he led research on wind turbine technology followed by more than 10 years of international wind farm development as managing partner leading to more than 300 wind turbines in operation. Martinus has held CEO positions at WKN AG and its subsidiaries for more than 10 years until 2014. He was responsible for the company’s expansion into the international wind energy business and realised more than 1,200 MW of installed wind power, which was sold on a turn-key-basis to international investors.


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