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in-ception.com provides innovative and courageous consultancy and business development services to companies of all size, age and industry.

Our special expertise expands to the field of digitalisation as part of our mission to advance entrepreneurship, innovation and sustainable development.
As a company builder we also partner with founders, young companies, established industries, and investors to launch, build and scale high-potential ventures.

Although we're industry-agnostic, we offer specialised services to companies from the Energy & Utility sector, Renewables & Clean Technologies, Banking & Finance, as well as to private and institutional investors.

We create value by respecting the dynamics with which business needs to change – and strategy needs to be swift to be on top of the wave at all times. We merge strategy with implementation, driving ideas to reality. Our highly experienced experts help you explore the rough path to innovation and new markets.

Every idea is born to bring global value. We help it get there.


Business Transformation

We enable companies from all sectors to develop and implement innovative strategies that will help (re)invent their business and reach leadership positions in their sector.

We transform organisations of all size, age and industry by an integrated approach that understands, defines, changes and implements.

We know the dynamics with which business needs to change - and strategy needs to swift to be on top of the wave at all times. Strategy is the core - through our pioneering spirit and hands-on approach we‘re as flexible and dynamic as your company must act in the rapidly changing business environment of your industry.

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ICO Consulting

ICO (Initial Coin Offering) or ITO (Initial Token Offering) galvanizes open source project development, drives financial inclusion, and reduces the costs of fundraising. The ICO model also generates built-in customer bases and positive network efforts. In partnership with Sutton Stone - U.S. based Blockchain experts - we conduct tailored Tokenization Consulting Packages to ensure successful ICOs while mitigating risks.


Sustainability and culture are the key drivers for innovation and economic success. We deploy our expertise and collaborate with the best global experts to develop, implement and manage sustainable strategies, tools and a culture that unleashes the potential of your people and enable financial returns alongside social and environmental impact. We enable your company to shape society and contribute to a better future. 


We build and mentor your innovations teams. We offer individual workshops and teach on the most advanced methods such as design thinking, business modelling, customer development, lean development and agile. We reveal disruptive technologies and trends that challenge your future business, connect your company with international innovation leaders, and bring in inspiring cross-industry case studies from all around the globe.

Energy & Renewables

Be smart

The transition of the energy sector to smart, clean and connected systems that merge with other sectors such as IT and transportation require a completely new role of utilities.

We enable utilities and energy sector companies to embrace change and develop innovative strategies for short-term agility and sustainable long-term growth. We support them in efficient and careful identification of the most value-creating new products and services - both digital and physical - and coordinate their implementation.

Accelerating green energy

Around the globe, renewable energies are often exposed to changing legislation, unstable support schemes and financial challenges.

We provide financial advisory, hands-on support when entering new global markets, and building strategic partnerships. We have the expertise and the breadth to help you deliver more value from your renewables project around the world.

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Technology Scouting

Front office to global innovation

There are areas of the world that have earned a reputation for high-tech excellence. Countless companies have established expensive and unsatisfying subsidiary offices to look for complementary technologies within those distant regions. We offer front office-as-a-service, in cooperation with our partners, to scout actively, quickly and at reasonable cost. Having footprint in West Europe, the Balkans, Israel and U.S., all famous for their high-tech ecosystems, we are your bridge to innovation.

Our Virtual Front Offices are lean, flexible, and scalable by design, offering the benefits of a physical representative office where you need it, at a fraction of the cost and without any risk and management efforts.

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Start-ups & Ventures

We think, we build, we grow – Venture Businesses

We teach, we play, we take pride – Start-up Development

We present a new way of thinking and investing – Scouting for opportunities

We build ventures and develop start-ups into profitable, meaningful and sustainable businesses by applying our senior management expertise to offer guidance and strategic advise for long-term success of fledgling businesses. We provide financial and legal advice as well as effective support in fundraising and getting access to markets.

We connect all sides of the start-up ecosystem. We work in partnership with investors and corporates to provide a strong network of access to smart capital and industry cooperation.

We provide in-depth assessment of pre-selected start-ups, assist in decision-making, and ensure smooth execution of cooperations or investment processes.

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Industries we work in

Renewable Energies
(all sectors)
Investors & Finance
Public institutions

About us

in-ception.com is a global business transformation and solutioning company.

We catalyze growth through innovation and strive for positive impact of businesses. We re-invent companies, develop new products and value streams, and build high-potential ventures.

Our people are passion-driven and care to share. Our unique culture knows no borders or status and is based on empathy, curiosity and cosmopolitan mindsets to maintain our courageous and sophisticated focus. Or business is people-centred, innovative and sustainable.

We‘re hands-on.

We implement smart, agile, and aligned to your goals. We merge creativity and deep industry expertise. Deploying the most advanced methods of strategy & business design, strong industry experience especially in the energy, cleantech and IT sector as well as our values and culture, we develop unique solutions to every individual business challenge.

We strive for positive long-term economic, social and ecological impact. We do not compromise our belief that innovation is a key to progress humanity and to protect natural resources.

We take pride in our Value Based Business Design.

Our Expertise

Strategy by Innovation

Driven by the dynamics of global transformations, digitalisation, and sustainable development

Smart & Cleantech

Outstanding expertise in the energy sector, renewables and innovative clean technologies

Startup Culture

Building companies from scratch and enabling entrepreneurship within mature organisations

Global Markets

Deploying our deep industry expertise and our global network power


Focus on the future - align processes, bring in automation and effective IT architecture

Connecting the Dots

Scouting for the best partners and technologies worldwide

Agile Methods

Implementing the most advanced methods - Design Thinking, Circular Business, Lean & Agile Development, Customer development

Finance & Risk

Financial advisory, investment solutions and risk mitigation

The team

Ana Boshnyakova

Ana has passion for startup business development and technological innovations. Holding Master's degree in International Project Management, she has positions from country manager to Co-founder of international businesses in her background, gaining cross-industry experience in IT, renewable energies, media, management consultancy and cryptocurrency. 

Managing partner of in-ception, Ana focuses on strategic business development, bringing in deeper understanding and application of Digital Innovations to our clients’ projects across different industries.



Michael Kelm, PhD

Michael’s passion is in bringing innovations to life through creativity, deep understanding of society, markets and technology, and hands-on implementation. Michael relies on more than 15 years of industry experience in energy, clean technologies, finance and global business development. He has developed and implemented new business areas, innovative projects and groundbreaking programs for knowledge transfer.

As founder and managing director of in-ception, Michael’s focus is on bringing the latest insights as well as innovative strategies and new solutions to our clients.


Ideality Roads

Innovation consultants deeply rooted in the Israeli High-Tech ecosystem

REA Consult

Management and consulting for sustainable investments

Sustainability Advisory

International network of sustainability specialists

Sutton Stone

U.S. based blockchain experts and venture builder

Tasniem S. Jawaid

Global business development, energy sector expert

Dr. René Lindloh

Banking & Treasury

Martinus Scherweit

Renewable energy expert

Thomas Süssenbach

Renewable energy expert

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